I'm Jan and I understand how hard it is to be a working mom. 

I understand how hard it is for you to try to balance work and motherhood, because I've been there. After a 14-month gap from working in a traditional office setting to raise my daughter,  I wasn't prepared for what life as a working mother would be like. 

Guilt, worry, stress, lack of supports. I made the decision to "retire" from my past career because it no longer aligned with the values I wanted to have as a mother with a profession. Starting Rise Mama was a very natural progression in finding balance in my own life as a professionally ambitious mother.

I want to help you find your balance too.

Jan Ditchfield


Jan Ditchfield is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the founder of Rise Mama. With over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing and operations in the Human Rights sector, Jan built her career helping businesses to thrive. She has successfully founded two non-profit organizations and also oversaw the nonprofit consultation process that provided feedback to the creation of Bill C-81, Accessible Canada Act.

​Her leadership in this area has been recognized with a variety of awards, including as a Rick Hansen Difference Maker medalist, finalist in the Celebration of People Awards and named one of the Amazing People in Canada's National Capital Region.

​After becoming a mother later in life, Jan gained a unique insight to the challenges that women face when trying to re-shape their professional identities after taking extended time off to focus on a career inside the home. She built Rise Mama with the vision that all women should be afforded the opportunity to flourish as mothers and professionals.  

I'm Emily and I Believe In Working Mothers, Because I Am One.

Emily Harrington, Partner

I have 2 little girls and I am currently at home with them on maternity leave. At my corporate job I have spent almost 9 years supporting tech start-ups so jumping on board with Rise Mama was a natural fit. I specialize in everything behind the scenes. I have created and run multiple co-working spaces, helped companies find their first employees, managed government grants of up to $3 million dollars, and been an early adopter of new technology.

I took a 4-month maternity leave with my first daughter, and I am THE BIGGEST supporter of babies in workplace. I have taken each of my girls with me to meetings and events from the very beginning. I have pumped in closets, I have fed babies in bathrooms, and I have changed diapers on my desk. I decided in the very beginning I wanted to push the boundaries and prove that women don’t have to lose their professional aspirations when they have babies.

 "We, as mothers and professionals, are completely allowed to want it all. But achieving that goal, shouldn't be at the detriment of our personal well-being. We don't need to lean in any further. We need to plant our feet and take ownership of how we will shape our own futures."

- Jan Ditchfield