Buckle Up MAMA!

Here’s the deal. It’s not you. Car seats are challenging. And quirky. And sometimes, downright frustrating! Car seat safety is very technical, and car seats are much more difficult to install securely and use correctly than they should be.


If you’re looking for help with:

✔️ Selecting a car seat

✔️ Peace of mind: is your child’s seat installed properly?

✔️ Safe sleep in the car seat

✔️ Proper ages & stages

✔️ Best practices: your car seat & vehicle

✔️ Installation method: UAS or seat belt?

✔️ Vehicle fit & compatibility

✔️ Proper installation & harnessing

✔️ Bringing baby home: how to prepare your car seat for baby’s first ride (from the hospital)

✔️ One-on-one support: live demonstrations

✔️ Seat configuration in your vehicle: multiple seats & tricky 3-across or side-by-side installs

✔️ Travel with car seats: carpooling, taxis, airplanes, etc.

✔️ Continued car seat & vehicle safety

✔️ Car seat tutorial: straps, buckles & fabric - oh my!

✔️ Car seat care & cleaning

✔️ Ongoing support: follow-up videos


I’ve got you covered!


Safe Seats Ottawa is here to be that resource for families like yours, providing you with the skills and confidence to install and use your seats properly 100% of the time.


Riding in a car is the most dangerous thing we do with our children and whether this is your 1st or 4th child, I’m here to help! Let me give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing it right.

Safe Seats Ottawa is thrilled to offer participants of The Conference presented by RISE Mama $10 off of the following Car Seat Consultations:

• Virtual Car Seat Safety Consultation

• Car Seat Selection Consultation

• Phone-a-Friend - Got Questions? Phone Consultation


* Residents of the greater Ottawa area are also welcome to substitute an In Home Car Seat Safety Consultation for the Virtual Car Seat Safety Consultation.

Participants can use the code ‘RISE’ when booking to take advantage of the $10 Off. 

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