Join The Motherhood

We know mammas are missing their in-person communities... we're missing them too! But, we've made it really easy for people to join us for a workout and some social time with our online, live-streamed classes. For mammas who have never been to a FITMOM class, here are a few of the great things about them:


👶 They're babywearing friendly 
👧 They're kid friendly
💪 They're a full body workout, catering to many levels of fitness

✅ There are many options for low or high impact, which is great whether you're a tired or an energetic mamma

👭👭 There are other mammas to chat with
👪👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Anyone in your household can join in
👍 There's lots of variety!

👍 Just a mat and a set of weights (or a set of filled water/wine bottles for weights) are necessary.

We offer a New to FITMOM Class Pass so that mammas can try a few classes out before making a larger commitment. Don’t worry about having lots of equipment at home, there are loads of ways to accomplish a work out with just body weight!



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