Hélène Hébert

"I am so impressed by the branding RISE presented to me.  You really captured well what I am passionate about."

- Hélène Hébert

A New Brand Style

After a thorough review of Helene’s unique strengths and values, where she wants to take her career and the competition in her field, we helped to clarify her unique brand essence that would both feel authentic and help her stand out.

To capture Helene’s brand essence visually, we developed a calm, grounded and warm colour palette that reflects the feeling of a rich garden. It is complimented with feminine, yet confident fonts and a clean script logo. The goal of the brand outline was to position Hélène as a upcoming leader in her field and a passionate woman driven to make communities fair for everyone.  


Meet Hélène Hébert

Hélène is a highly respected Food Security Advocate who is driven to create more sustainable and prosperous communities in Canada.


Having lived in a Northern First Nations community for almost three years, Hélène founded the Turnor Lake & Birch Lake Community Food Centre Inc. and knows first-hand the lasting impact that access to healthy food can have on a community.

Sustainability is a daily part of her way of living as her family is almost entirely self-sufficient with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in her garden for part of the year. Hélène is a passionate voice for the wide-ranging positive benefits that accessing healthy food can have economically, physically and mentally. 

Brand Photoshoot

Working with Maryse Pantalone Photography, we wanted Hélène's photo session to capture her warmth and authenticity. We selected an outdoor location that brought the vision of her complete brand to life.

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