Chelsea Ottaway is Returning to Work

In less than three weeks I will return to work. You would think by the third time I might feel less nervous, more prepared... The reality is I am uneasy, how will my partner and I manage getting three kids and ourselves out the door? We co-sleep, I nurse my 4 year old and 11 month old to sleep, and often 1-2 more times during the night. How do you function during the work day when one, two or all three kids have not sleep well?

I have tried to visualize our mornings and I have started practicing getting up, showering, putting on regular clothes, a splash of make-up and seeing how that plays out. So far, it's a disaster, the kids start fighting, the toast gets burned, the dog runs out the door and we are ALWAYS late to school and daycare drop offs. I know we will get our groove eventually, but finding it will be the result of trial and error and likely a few meltdowns, myself included.

Returning to work after kids, no matter how long you've been away, is is a daunting task, but I am thankful for my support system of YOW Mamas and the creation of parent-friendly services like RISE Mama, for giving me the extra confidence and boost to face this impending challenge.

Chelsea is a mama to three wildly hilarious redheads, and the creative mind behind YOW Motherhood Project. You can find her over @yowmotherhoodproject, an inclusive space where mamas are encouraged to share a piece of their day-to-day journey through motherhood. #yowmotherhoodproject

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